Two channel, all tube, 100 Watt head.

EQ: High, Mid, Low and Color (changes the mid character)…

The clean channel has a Bright switch and a Master pot…
The drive channel has two Master pots to controll the rhythm, and the solo volume…
Speaker outputs: 4 – 8 – 16 Ohms
Pre-Amp Valves: 6 x 12AX7 LPS, Power-Amp Valves: 4 x 6L6 WXT.
Dimensions [mm]: 640 x 255 x 250

Weight: 19kg

Special features:

- PTP (Power Tube Protection) : all power tubes has an own fuse.
   If one of them brokes down, the others still do the job…
- Power-Amp input
- Pre-Amp out
- Line out
- Valved effect-loop with variable output( – 6dB)
- SCS (Speaker Controll System):
   a led shows us, if the speaker is not connected.
- Half-power switch (100W or 50W)
- Footswitch with 5 pin XLR




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