When we choose an amplifier, then made our decision beside a brand name, we are in big trouble due to the type and the power. The SP's range of amplifiers can be found a wide scale of musical styles and concerts that match the amplifier used.

The Hydra of 100W high-performance, real color bench amp. With 4x12" speakers - outdoors, sports hall and large concert halls is enough loud and dynamic sound is reachable. A big advantage for smaller halls that the power can be halved by switch (100-50W).

Castel 60W head and its 2x12" combo version is particularly suitable for club musics. The head with a 2×12" cabinet, and the combo are very lightweight and easily transportable. With its 60W power there is no problem to play on larger places too. Due to the low noise level suitable for studio recordings.

The Colton with its 200W pure tube bass sound is quite enough to make a local earthquake. It has two different EQs: a 4-band and another 6-band, you can use them together or separated. Real special speaker outputs: 2 – 4 – 8 – 16 Ohms in one amp. Of course, PTP and SCS circuits are built-in.

The Harp-30 Harmonica Amplifier Combo is a multi-purpose, special amp with harmonica channels in addition to the other channels used electric guitar or any other electro-acoustic (violin, acoustic guitar) instrument as well.


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