Amp's type: Castel 60W head
Artist: Csillag Endre 'Csuka'
Band: -
Date: 27.02.2013.

Where tested (practicing room, concert, studio, shop):
practicing room

Instrument that used for test:
Fender Strato

Cabinet that used for test:
Marshall 4×12" Celestion G12T-75

External appearance (Design):
Looks good, but could be more developed and improved.

Sound (clean and distorted channels, tone, etc.):
The clean channel is brilliant! I like very much, sound is extremely good, mostly with the Strato.
Adjusting the Gain and the Sustain separately on the distorted channel is very nice feature

Features (Effect-loop, foot switch, etc.):
The footswitch with 4 switch is good, the speaker control also a good and useful invention.

What kind of other amps should be build (combo, different power range, etc.):
I recommend to create a combo, minimum.

Suggestions (further features, appearance, etc.):
It could be better to separate the 'Sustain' setting for Master1 and Master2 also,
in this way the solo and backing music the could be solved.
Boost pedal is not neccessary.



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A 100W Hydra stack arrived to Csillag Endre Csuka
for the 'Zártosztály' (Resticrated Class).


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