Amp's type: Castel 60W head
Artist: Csuka Gábor
Band: Hahó Öcsi, Contraband
Date: 14.08.2013.

Where tested (practicing room, concert, studio, shop):
practicing room

Instrument that used for test:
Epiphone Les Paul

Cabinet that used for test:
Laney 4×12" Goodmans

External appearance (Design):
Well assembled, demanding appearance.

Sound (clean and distorted channels, tone, etc.):
Very, very good, beautiful clean sounds. The distorted channel offering wide spectrum of setting possibilities. Adjusting the ’Gain’ and the ’Sustain’ separately is really good thing and moreover there is the ’Color’ potmeter yet to giving more shades to the sounds…

Features (Effect-loop, foot switch, etc.):
The possibility to halving the power is simply sensational, the foot-pedal with 4 switches is massive and working well, the speaker control is useful and helpful invention.

What kind of other amps should be build (combo, different power range, etc.):
There's everything you need.

Suggestions (further features, appearance, etc.):
It's good as it exists.


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