Amp's type: HYDRA 100W head
Artist: Dandó Zoltán
Band(s): Stúdió-session, ex-Machine Mouse, ex-TNT
Date: 27.02.2013.

Where tested (practicing room, concert, studio, shop):
SP Amplifier showroom, Perbál

Instrument that used for test:
Valley Arts Standard Pro (EMG set)

Cabinet that used for test:
SP-412/Eminence Guitar Legend, SP-212/Jensen C12-K,
SP-112/Celestion Greenback, SP-212/Eminence Governor

External appearance (Design):
Very beautiful appearance, for me it is like a Soldano and Diezel amps style.

Sound (clean and distorted channels, tone, etc.):
Awesome powerful and clean sound, the EQ is working on right frequency level.
The Color potmeter is a great idea, with this you immediately correct the possible unwanted high frequencies coming out of the instrument. This feature can create very nice mids for the sound.

The distorter very good and you can identify each sound on high gain too.
The boost function is a great innovation which can give pleasant mid frequencies for the solo tones.

Features (Effect-loop, foot switch, etc.):
The effect-loop is perfect. No additional coloring and variation on the tones.

The foot-switch is simple and all functions are well recognizable.

What kind of other amps should be build (combo, different power range, etc.):

Suggestions (further features, appearance, etc.):




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