Amp's type: HYDRA 100W head
Artist: Fischer László
Band: Korál, ZBB, Korál Forever
Date: 11.10.2012.

Where tested (practicing room, concert, studio, shop):
practicing room

Instrument that used for test:
Gibson L6S, Aria Pro II Magna Series, Washburn N2,
Ibanez RG 370, Ibanez SAS 32, Ibanez S 470

Cabinet that used for test:
SP-212G diagonal

External appearance (Design):
Absolutely nice, clear overview!

Sound (clean and distorted channels, tone, etc.):
Versatile, you can play on it in every style! The sound has beat a lot of foreign branded stuff's sound!

Features (Effect-loop, foot switch, etc.):
Excellent development, user friendly design!

What kind of other amps should be build (combo, different power range, etc.):
To create a combo would be a good point.
Due to the power, not necessarily have to produce something else otherwise, because it is so universal!

Suggestions (further features, appearance, etc.):
Maybe a squelch circuit could be in it, but this amp would not really be argued either!


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