Amp's type: Castel 60W head
Artist: Varga András
Band: Hahó Öcsi, WellWet (ex-Contraband)
Date: 10.08.2013.

Where tested (practicing room, concert, studio, shop):
practicing room, at home

Instrument that used for test:
Ibanez Artstar, Ephiphone ES Dot 335, Johnson Telecaster

Cabinet that used for test:
Laney Sound 4x12" Goodmans, Hartke GH60 4x8"

External appearance (Design):
Looks good nice, excellent assembly, well-organized and informative front & rear panels.

Sound (clean and distorted channels, tone, etc.):
The clean channel’s sound is so beautiful, just a pleasure to hear. You can give nice colors to the sounds with the potmeters. The adjusting possibility of the distorted channel is moving on a really wide spectrum, everybody can found appropriate settings on it. (Who is not, well, he will use his own distortion pedal.) The ’Color’ potmeter is a good accessory, very smart idea. The Master 2 giving you a solution for boosting. My „low category” guitar - which I using for practicing at home – sounds on such manner… I never thought it!

Features (Effect-loop, foot switch, etc.):
Usage the effect-loop is very good, the robust type-4 footswitch is doing his job very well, the feedback by LEDs is perfectly visible. The control lamps for giving us feedback about the wrong connected cabinet and the possible failure of the tubes – just ’icing on the cake’. The possibility to halving the power is magnificent.

What kind of other amps should be build (combo, different power range, etc.):
Personally, I advocate the head+cabinet combination, but obviously for some combos would be demands. In these power category I can imagine a purely clean head (without any extra features) and a combo too. Regarding to the (only one available) bass head, another entering level 100…120W amp should be the "most wanted".

Suggestions (further features, appearance, etc.):
Although, I gave 5 stars for the amp’s design, I think the appearance of the „SP”-logo should be more impressive and suggestive. This brand deserves to make signs more prominently in itself attracts the stares. Do not have to search throughout what is written on it and/or what kind of amp is it?


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WellWet orchestra rehearsal


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