SP Amps' have special and characteristic sounding, beside this any unique tone can be adjusted by the intensive EQ.
The clean channel of the amplifier reflects the 60s vintage American sounds, the distorted channel has got modern high gain sound.
The guitar amplifiers are made with 100W heads and 60W, additionally 60W and 30W combos.

We have developed a new technical solutions, such as the protection of the power amp tubes TCS (Tube Control System), or the speaker monitoring (Speaker Control), with these features our aim was to increase the operational reliability of the amplifiers, and keep the failure potential as low as possible.

Our Harp harmonica amplifier has been designed and built with particular care, 'cause for this instrument there are not so much amplifier manufacturing companies.
The second channel can be used as a guitar amplifier as well.

The Colton 200W bass amplifier with built-in compressor and tone control, beside this amp is equipped with a switchable equaliser.
Attaching to this amplifier, we developed a 2×9” TML (Transmission Line) type speaker cabinet.

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